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Houses’s and cats’ stories

I’m not very original, I love cats. Always, since childhood. The first cat, the first love, was called Anush, which means sweet in Armenian. Sweet, Anush was sweet, in her own way, certainly she was extraordinary intelligent. It took many decades before Minerva arrived. She spent her first two years of life in the small flat in Milan, then moved to the countryside with me. A few days ago, almost a year after the move, I mounted two important plates. The one with the house number (an aid to the postman and a tribute to Resident n. 1 of the house), a very welcome birthday present. And the one with the 5 lions, the highest classification of the Veneto Region for b & b.

The 5 lions’ plaque: in the province of Belluno, only three b & b have obtained it.

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