Month: July 2019

Garden to Table

My garden is small, tailored to an ex-city dweller, but it is very generous. Lately, my main occupation has been to collect apricots: I have only one tree, just outside the door (Minerva’s favorite), which despite the whims of the time has bearing fruit with extraordinary abundance. Since you can’t just live on apricots, many have ended up in the […]
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Rosa Rosae

Traditionally the month of roses is May, but here at the foot of the Dolomites everything arrives later. I only have one rosebush, which I am very fond of because I have always seen it in front of the house, since I was a child. I knew it was ancient, but I also discovered that it is rather rare and […]
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I spent a whole day trying to free my lawn from an invasion of plantain. Plantain is not a weed at all, on the contrary, it is very good to eat, both in salads and cooked, better if with other spontaneous varieties. However, when it starts to multiply in a garden, a delimited space that has little or nothing wild, […]
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